Here’s something I don’t get.

Joe the Plumber is investigated, vilified, discredited and accused. He’s determined to be a Republican plant, a rogue plumber, a deadbeat and related to Charles Keating (WTF?).

We get the shrieking chorus telling us he is not worthy of being compared to pond scum. We get the candidates mocking him on the stump – “not like a plumber in my neighborhood”.

And this from the party of compassion? The party of hope, change and dreams?

Why isn’t there an ad like this?

With sad violins and long pans of a forlorn looking Joe staring at a stack of papers, a calculator and a broken pencil on a table in a shabby kitchen:

SENSITIVE FEMALE ANNOUNCER: “Joe is just one of the many divorced fathers in America, sitting at the kitchen table looking at tax bills he can’t pay, dreaming of getting his plumbing license and someday owning the plumbing business that he works for 10-12 hours a day… but he is struggling and feeling he never gets ahead.

He can’t afford to send his son to college.

He won’t be able to get the new van he needs.

He can’t even afford the fee to pay for his state plumbing license.

Now he worries that even if he saves and buys the business, he will pay so much in taxes that he won’t be able to afford the payments on what he borrows. And the dream he had for years will die.

He needs our help. He needs a change.”

OBAMA: I’m Barack Obama, and I approve this message.

Well, out of the thousands of questions fielded by Obama during this campaign, Joe asked the wrong one. And got the wrong answer. Therefore, no compassion for Joe.

Anybody see anything hypocritical about this or is it just me?