With voter fraud being an issue this cycle, and actually for decades (remember the old Mayor Daley’s Chicago “slogan” of “Vote Early and Often”).

Issues like this.

Republicans also have questioned the validity of thousands of new registrations, in Pennsylvania and across the country, collected by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform, known as ACORN. . . . In Philadelphia, the number of registrants, 1.1 million, actually exceeds the census count of the eligible population. The city has identified 58,000 “duplicate” registrations, and the actual number of eligible voters on the rolls is probably closer to a million, said the election board’s Bob Lee.

And this. And this.

Would it be possible that we adopt the purple inkwell in this election – to prevent the opportunity for multiple in-person voting?

It worked in Iraq. It worked in Afghanistan.

Why not? Is it a violation of civil liberties? Is it a violation of privacy? Maybe an argument could be made. But isn’t a free and fair election sort of trump that? Especially to ensure that the election of 2006 may have been the last one this country had?

I want a purple thumb!