For some reason, we get more than a few visitors to the blog looking for info on parking in Secaucus so they can take the train one stop into Manhattan. It is a great idea that NJ Transit never thought of.

Here’s the latest: two groups, Norfolk Southern (who wants to build a rail terminal) and an affordable housing group called the Fair Share Housing Center (who wants the land for possible affordable housing) are now fighting the planned parking that was already approved.

Here are the Google Map photos for the Secaucus Junction:

Basically, as can be seen in the wider photo, there is some land that would be available for either a rail depot or affordable housing that doesn’t need to directly abut the station. In fact, it may be suboptimal to locate a rail terminal directly next to the station based upon the station configuration and the surrounding roads. And who wants trains right below their window 18 hours a day (besides the Cranford Crossing tenants, that is)?

Also, with the ongoing flight of industry from NJ, wouldn’t more plots in Secaucus become available for affordable housing in the very near future?

The arguments of the protesters are not the strongest… but at least Secaucus’ NIMBY group isn’t the one protesting.