Because who the hell cares?

High Street Footbridge fiasco? We can talk about that November 5th.

Town Council Endorsements? I don’t like to do local endorsements. I haven’t met the candidates. I haven’t read much about them (been sorta busy lately), and I don’t think that the results of Birchwood, Riverfront, the Cell Tower, Hyatt Hills financials, Cranford Crossing, COAH, 555 South, Post Office Plaza, the Budget, the nonsense with the County or anything else would be that different with a 3-2 council versus a 5-0 council. The TC’s hands are tied on so many different things.

Big building projects? We need the ratables. Something should get moving. Anything.

Until then, I do think it’s important to spend more time trying to point out the downsides of a socialist in the White House and a governor who wouldn’t know how to stimulate an economy if someone gave him a five-step manual and completed steps one through four.