You will have to work with me on this. This is important.

In my past I have pulled the lever for both Democrats and Republicans. I’m not a hyperpartisan, I just like electing grown-ups who can be pragmatic.

I do have a mindset. I am an entrepreneur who wants to be a crazy successful entrepreneur. I don’t want to sell my house at a loss and move somewhere else because I can’t make it happen due to confiscatory taxes.

I am not jazzed by either candidate. I have said that before. But I’m not wasting my vote on Bob Barr or Ralph Nader.

But I think that Obama can do some serious damage since his policies (what little we know about them) are more in a Hugo Chavez vein than an Adam Smith vein. And that scares the heck out of me.

I can vote for African-Americans. I have voted for African Americans. This isn’t about that. This is about who will improve my lot, my standard of living, or my kid’s future. And if you look at the math, listen to the proposals, or look at the voting record (what little there is) of Obama, you aren’t looking at steps that will move us there.

McCain may not improve my life either. He has done some less than stellar things. But at least he understands that you don’t crib Herbert Hoover’s playbook at a time like this.

I’m not thinking that this blog will change your vote. NJ is a lost cause anyway. But if anything I say makes you think that maybe your decision should be reconsidered, then that is a plus.

I’d rather struggle against idiotic NJ government, not federal too.