The polls are all over the place.  I wonder why?

Maybe because polls are hell to answer. I was polled in 2006 and I thought it’d be interesting to see what they asked. It wasn’t.

It was almost an hour. I started getting abrupt, thinking it would have been just a few minutes and I had stuff to do. A lot of the questions sounded redundant and all but meaningless. I didn’t notice bias of the interviewer and I didn’t really care – she sounded like she didn’t really care either.

So who has the kind of time to answer? Who enjoys getting those calls? I’m sure some study exists on the demographics that have higher likelihood – maybe a correlation with coupon clippers (not to libel or to demean coupon clippers, mind you), or those who enjoy pay per view?

All polls should publish their internals – a lot make whacked out assumptions on the electorate (let’s assume say, 23% more democrats and 11% fewer republicans!).

But maybe they should also publish their hangup rate. Then adjust the sample for the demographics that traditionally hang up.

I think one group overlooked in this election are the PUMAs – the disaffected Hillary supporters who like Barack even less than the Republicans. When a poll says that over 95% of the Democrats polled support Obama – I am skeptical of the validity of the poll. What are PUMAs saying. Are they even called?

One wildcard exists in this election and that is the extent of voter fraud.  It is there. It has been there for years but it is now much more overt. It is in the bogus absentee ballots, in throwing out military ballots, in poll workers adding votes after the polls have closed but before the machines are sealed, in multiple voting in different locations, at almost every step of the process.

And you have to be naive to think that the fraud is split 50-50. If the Republicans got caught doing anything, the media would be on it like white on rice. Funny, that it isn’t much of an issue when the signs point the other way.

So basically it comes down to vigilant poll monitoring, getting your friends and family to vote and hopefully you’ll counteract the votes of Mickey Mouse, Katherine Hepburn and Edgar Allen Poe.