8:00 Oooh. Wheat Fields.

8:01 Decades of non-solving of problems…wonder why?

8:02 Specific details? Dooo Tell.

8:03 Rebecca Johnson….husband can’t get a knee operation.  They live with a budget. Wonder what some of the costs that are going up are…property taxes perhaps?

8:05 Sticking to $200,000. A little slap to Biden’s $150,000.

8:06 Freezing Foreclosures? Who pays the carrying costs?

8:07 Sounding like a conservative…for this minute.

8:08 Kansas Roots?

8:10 Ohio couple who didn’t talk to anybody at the Medicare office. Wasn’t there a law passed for prescription drugs for seniors?

8:11 Getting the gov’t in the energy business. NOW he says he’ll LOOK at clean coal and domestic oil….

8:12 I love the federal budget line by line remark. He’ll be a quarter of the way through at the end of his term.

8:13 Blah Blah Blah “I’ll fight for [insert Democrat list here].”

8:14 Educators have second jobs?!? Oh, wait. Summer. God, these people are whiny.

8:17 Cha-ching for the teachers.

8:18 Here it comes. Health care. Computerizing records are the solution!

8:20 Why didn’t Barack do anything to help his mom when she had cancer? What about Medicaid?

8:21 Ah, the distinguished legislator in Springfield…and what legislation would that have been?

8:22 And he chatted up Richard Lugar one time….

8:23 Let’s rationalize the choice of VP of a guy who polled 2% in the primaries.

8:24 This should be good…a Ford plant guy. This can’t end well. He works every other week…and wouldn’t he spend the other week in the rubber room and get paid? GM & Chrysler have that in their contracts…

8:25 He’ll be the new Donald Rumsfeld.

8:26 Healy hopey changey. I expected more from Bill Richardson. Ambassador to the UN anyone?

8:27 Waiting for specifics…other than the $2000 new worker credit and the freeze on foreclosures, I’m still waiting.

8:28 Blah Blah Blah

8:30 Change the world? Reaaaaallly!?! You think so?

And how many millions did he blow on this? How many poor Palestinians donated their hard earned suicide bomber reward money on this through his website?

Nothing new. Just a little pandering to small businesses who already figured out we’re gonna get screwed anyway. I am surprised that he didn’t people who were more pathetic…each of them had options and solutions available to them if they looked and aside from the old couple in Ohio, didn’t move my sympathy needle at all. I was expecting a more clear swing to the right or a more positive spot. This was a stump speech mixed with “An Inconvenient Truth”. Boooorrrring.

Winners: TV Networks, John McCain

Losers: Me for the 30 minutes I could have spent doing something else, World Series viewers, Barack Obama