If this thing was in the bag for Obama, we wouldn’t be getting a barrage of propaganda with a quality worthy of Baghdad Bob.

In the past two days I have had several heart to hearts with Obama supporters…not the rabid ones, they can’t be talked to, but Democrat lifers who are knee-jerk voters.

Calmly, and as clearly as I could, I explained the consequences of Obama policies if they are implemented as promised. The impact of wealth redistribution: A lot of small businesses letting people go, the hiding of revenue to avoid tax, pushing the threshold down to where we reside in the income strata. The fact that national healthcare will make us as achy as the Brits. They listened. They were polite. They didn’t rebut a whole lot. They raised their eyebrows at times. I didn’t make them promise to do anything but think about it.

DId I change their minds? Maybe. But that is what I will do for the next four days as much as I can. I may lose an acquaintance or two, but either they’ll come around, or in six months realize I was right.

It’s time to make the case. Talk to your Jewish friends. As of right now, almost all of mine say they’re voting for McCain, which is something they’d never thought they’d do as hardcore Democrats. That is why I am believing the PUMAs. There’s something there.

Have the heart to heart. Give your reasons. Know some facts. You can be pretty convincing.

There is never a good time to try socialist policies, even though the country could use a change. This kind of change will be more than we bargained for.

Look, even the AP is saying that there are folks who can be swayed.