Suppose you worked at a corporation for years. Nice people. Nice benefits. Interesting work. Even not too bad a commute.

Suppose a few years ago some new guy makes a great presentation at a corporate retreat. You don’t know him, but you find out that he’s a “rising star”.

As time passes, you learn a little more about him. Smart, but he takes credit for other’s work, and blames others for his mistakes. For some reason, none of the senior managers seem to notice and the guys in sales love him. You think about what he’s responsible for and you notice that he didn’t get much done, but he’s still popular as all get out.

So one day there’s a big meeting, and the CEO announces that this guy is a big part of the succession plan. The new guy makes some contradictory remarks at the meeting that clearly indicate that he’s clueless and if he does what he says he will do, the company will be sold for a song or close completely in three years. Everything you worked for, everything about the job you enjoyed, will be gone.

That’s pretty much sums this one up.