Hey, it was worth a shot.

I only hope that Obama rises to the occasion and remembers that 48% of the country still lives here too. And without the filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, hopefully a minimum of truly idiotic legislation makes it through. We see the effectiveness of one-party rule here in NJ…one of the reasons I was dead-set against it nationally.

Justices Stevens and Ginsburg will probably have their resignation letters ready in the morning.

And in Cranford, NJ.com has the news of the new 4-1 Town Council:

CRANFORD: In a close race that did not split along party lines, Democrat Daniel J. Aschenbach and Republican Mark P. Dugan beat Republican Christopher Drew and Democrat Kevin J. Illing in a race for a pair of committee terms. Dugan won 5,514 votes and Aschenbach pulled in 5,463, while Drew won 5,451 and Illing earned 5,364.

Congrats to the winners.