The lack of financial transparency of the Hyatt Hills Golf Course has been troubling, especially when the loan made by GM to help get the place started is looking more like it will actually need to be repaid.

From what I understand, GM had a ball bearing plant there, and they averted a serious Superfund cleanup by making it into a golf course (hence the periodic placement of subterranean vents). The deal was that the golf course pay them back over time, and there seemed to be an assumption that it was likely that the loan would be forgiven.

Since then the course has been run by the Hyatt Hills Commission, not a private company, and shockingly, it seems to have not made very much money. Despite often being busy.

It is a nice facility. I have played miniature golf there with my family. To be fair, It has a lot of overhead, maintenance and salaries…but it is remarkably easy for a business to not make much money. Just look at the contracts and the discretionary items.

Which may be the sticking point with the financials.

So, a cash-starved GM may demand their payment as they are probably looking under every couch cushion for every spare nickel they can find. If the money isn’t in the Hyatt Hills account, will the towns be forced to pony it up if it makes the course insolvent?