My brother is a smart guy that you don’t want to argue with, and not just because he has a carry permit.

We were talking about the bailout of the big three, and I still am of the opinion that Chapter 11 is the way to go.

But he asks this question: why can’t we just give a $10,000 tax deduction on an american car (similar to the heavy equipment=SUV deduction for small business a couple of years ago.

Just have the automakers provide a feed to the government like the 1099’s and have a space in the tax return for the VIN.  No big bureaucracy, no oversight committees.

An F-150 or Silverado for about $13,000 with regard to the tax impact would be compelling for a lot of people.

Not a bad idea.

I thought about going a step further with regard to used cars. If buying a new car, increase the tax savings for giving the used car to the needy. If it results in a glut start exporting them to LDC’s. (Stolen cars go there already.)

The point is, not every solution to a problem involves costing us billions.