I can’t stand it.

I was split on whether the media is stupid or evil. They’re both.

During the “worst economic crisis since the Great Depression” my business has been fine. Anything that doesn’t require large amounts of financing has been fine.

And the retailers’ “DISMAL SEASON” and “SALES PLUNGES” have supposedly been with sales down 2 to 4% from last year.

2 to 4 stinkin’ percent with a relentless drumbeat of bad news.

I’m not saying that the economy is problem-free. I’m also not saying that nobody is hurting right now. I have people very close to me who are hurting right now.

But the the thing to remember is that every holiday season some groups are hurting…it’s just a question of who. People who worked in shoe or glove manufacturing or textiles years ago already know this. People who work in pharmaceuticals will know this sometime soon.  Now it’s housing, banks and some automakers’ turn. It always sucks to be someone in a free-market economy.

But saying the sky is falling on a 2 to 4% sales decline from a decent year is just ludicrous, and that kind of spinning is wrong and irresponsible.

But then, you know who will almost definitely be hurting for the holidays next year? Journalists.