They’re doomed.

Chris Berman had them and Indianapolis in the Super Bowl. That’s death right there.

Yahoo News has an article saying that McNabb is “in control”.

‘Nuff said. I wish I could be as wrong as often as those guys and still have job security.

If the Eagles aren’t up by 21 points with 10:00 to play, they’re in deep trouble. Their clock management in close games has been horrible for years…I wouldn’t be surprised if it rears its head again today.

But after the big debacle two weeks ago, they did have a beautiful game against the Cowboys that will probably sell well on NFL Films’ DVDs.

Yeah, I’ll still root for the Giants when it’s their turn, but today I’ll pull for those morons from Philly that I followed in my youth.

UPDATE: Well that was an ugly win. If they looked as good as they did against the Cowboys (or did the Cowboys just look THAT bad?) then my money wouldn’t be on the Giants this weekend.