The other day a bunch of starlings fell out of the sky, scaring the snot out of a bunch of people in NJ.

Aliens? Bird Flu? Conspiracy?

Nah. Just our US Department of Agriculture at work. But they didn’t say anything until the birds were dropping and people were calling.

Were they being evil? Idiots? Or maybe they figured out that it is better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission. Otherwise PETA and the NIMBYs would be on them like white on rice.

My original thought for this post was: Government is stupid and evil and doesn’t deserve our trust. (And that is, of course, basically true.)

But maybe here they deserve some kudos. Well played, USDA, well played.

What I found to be the most entertaining part? The Starlings were originally brought over from Europe by some NYC artsy-types who were into Shakespeare…back in 1890.

See? Clueless morons aren’t new.