But not the 35-7 that you’d think.

So here we are…the Cardinals are playing in a championship for the first time since 1948 and the Steelers are in since Tom Brady got hurt.

And the Eagles…well, they just did what the Eagles always do. Too good to write off, too bad to achieve. (About a decade or two ago, Norman Braman, the owner of the Eagles before he got plundered by Bernie Madoff, actually was stupid enough to admit that the most profitable outcome for a season would be to make the wild card game and lose. Get an extra gate, keep fans interested all year and pay almost none of the player and coach incentives.)

And after the Eagles’ agonizing play in the NFC championship I have a theory.

The NFL is rigged.

Why? Because it wants to get in on the “breaking of the curse” meme that the other professional sports are doing. First it was the Red Sox, then the White Sox…and it was supposed to have been the Cubs last year but the players didn’t get the memo.

So expect an NBA Finals with the Denver Nuggets versus Cleveland. A Sharks versus Capitals NHL Stanley Cup.

Because the commissioners know that fan interest in smaller markets ain’t gonna last forever if they never, ever win.

It’s just good for business.

By the way, I have zero inside information and can’t prove a thing. But I don’t need pasky facts…I’m a blogger.

Enjoy the game and watch out for a checkpoint at Exit 137.