So Yahoo Sports today had an article listing “The top 50 network TV announcers of all time”

But those silly editors cut the headline too short…here is what the headline should have been:

The top 50 Network TV announcers of all time….THAT I WOULD LIKE TO HIT OVER THE HEAD WITH A FRYING PAN.

Cosell? Musberger?!? Morgan?!?!? Some on the list I can tolerate…like Summerall and Madden in the 80s were good. Keith Jackson was good. Vin Scully…a pro.

Others are notable for not being overly notable, I guess. Or some of the guys that Roone Arledge couldn’t bring himself to fire.

But where the heck is Harry Caray?

I’m shocked to see that Al Trautwig was omitted. His work covering minor Olympic sports was spectacular.

That is one pretty lame list Mr. Halberstam.