In honor of President’s Day, C-Span released a historian survey that ranked the presidents.

It’s a list all right. But I disagree with more than a few of them.

Here’s mine:

1. George Washington – By setting an excellent example, he prevented even more buttheaded behavior from his successors.

2. Abe – Although it would be interesting to know how things would have shaken out had the South stayed seceded (ah, not really). A pretty remarkable guy.

3.  Calvin Coolidge – Nothing like getting sworn and going back to bed. Underrated

4.  Reagan – Cold War Victory, Ended Carter “Malaise”, easy to imitate.

5.  Polk – added a lot of land in only one term,  averted war with Britain and kicked Mexico’s butt and pushed free trade. Underrated.

6.  Eisenhower – Prosperity and Interstates

7.  Harry Truman – Ended WWII with one of the toughest decisions ever.

8.  Teddy Roosevelt – Panama Canal, national parks, and fun anecdotes. Started us on the path to a superpower.

9.  Jefferson – Louisiana Purchase, Barbary Pirates and could write a little.

10. William Henry Harrison – 1 month and dead. No damage done. That’ll get you in the top 10.

Bottom 10

34. Kennedy – would have been lower if he wasn’t a good speaker and witty guy. Space program a plus, but Cuba, Viet Nam, allowing the Berlin Wall, and my personal favorite: the unionization of teachers and government workers. Killed US education.

35. FDR – Not too bad for WWII, but the Ponzi scheme that is Social Security and dopey policies that prolonged the Depression make him land here. In union’s pocket. That and trying to stack the Supreme Court, which was pretty awful. Don’t forget internment either.

36. Nixon – Decent at foreign policy, lousy at domestic (wage and price controls). Cared too much about what domestic enemies thought, resigned for something that wasn’t as bad as what half of the modern presidents have done.

37. Pierce – Our drunkest president who didn’t get more popular as time passed.

38. Dubya – Would be lower if not for being strong after 9/11 and for not giving up on the wars. May be higher with more historians later when they realize just how much money he spent on domestic nonsense.

39. LBJ – Viet Nam, Expensive Failed Programs. Yecch. Without Civil Rights he’d be well below the bottom.

40. Buchanan – Did nothing, nothing, to stop the Civil War.

41. Woodrow Wilson – Father of the income tax.

42. Hoover – When people still make fun of you 80 years later, and you kinda deserve it…

43. Carter – Is there any area besides de-regulating trucking that he didn’t make a bigger mess? Amazing how often he was too trusting, idealistic and just plain wrong. And he still won’t shut up.

And Obama gets an * since a month is not enough to judge, but based on that month, he ain’t gonna be in the top 10 since his policies are closer to 42 and 43 on this list than any two other guys.

Agree? Disagree? Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.