I’ve been meaning to post about this. The phone providers have appealed the Zoning Board’s rejection of the Cranford Swim Club Cell Tower application.

I’ve not heard any scuttlebutt as to why.

Did they appeal because:

a. There REALLY IS a gap in coverage and for the safety of people enjoying the Rahway River Parkway, they should have the tower?

b. They are vindictive and want the local residents to be foreclosed on since they keep having to chip in for legal fees to fight the application?

c. They now hate the Cranford Swim Club members and want to keep pushing until they are dragged from their homes in the dead of night and tarred and feathered by the rabid NIMBY crew?

d. They are finally working out the “backroom” deal component of this and are looking to keep it alive?


e. The phone companies are idiots who have their lawyers on retainer, so they filed this to give them something to do.

I’m leaning towards e.