A lawsuit?

When we got FIOS, we ordered it a week before the TV offer started…serves us right for being early adopters…but overall we’ve been pretty happy with it. The picture quality is better, customer support hasn’t been horrible the few times we’ve called, and the internet is a lot faster. (Our TV thing was resolved and talked about in earlier posts.)

FIOS is a better product than cable. If only they’d have some mechanism to block out FIOS ads for us while they carpetbomb advertise.

But after 266 complaints (only 266 and it’s a lawsuit?) the state is suing. Where may they have a case? It is true that some ads could be considered deceptive. It is true that they said it would be $94 a month (but of course not mentioning the GOVERNMENT fees). It is true that some customers and neighbors could have been inconvenienced, since it is a fair bit of work to get it installed (took us more than a half day).

But a lawsuit?

Can you not help but wonder what the “contributions” made by Time Warner, Cablevision and Comcast may have done to help precipitate this? It IS NJ, after all.