I will never, ever, EVER run for Town Council.

Besides the fact that I’m surly, not lived in Cranford long enough, and basically un-electable.

But these people are just in the worst possible spot.

First, the town has to deal with a 4% property tax cap on any increases due to some idiotic legislation from the kids in Trenton.

But, you don’t want your property taxes to go up at all, you say?

I agree. But keep in mind that the town doesn’t have a lot of discretion over the money it is forced to spend. A lot of it is mandated by the state. Then throw in the Raritan Valley Sewer Authority which had to spend gobs of money on improvments demanded by a judge whom, I would suppose, has never run or perhaps even visited a water treatment plant. With the costs of the improvments being foisted onto the member towns. We’re also supposed to fund the pension obligations for the town employees, which have a pretty sweet defined benefit plan type of setup.

And we still need some roads plowed and paved, park lawns cut, trees trimmed, and new laptops in cruisers so the cops can check that car with “excessively tinted windows and a broken taillight” for any outstanding warrants from Woodbridge.

Since the state and county has zero discipline in controlling spending, the schools have little discipline in controlling spending…property tax relief pretty much falls to five poor souls who get yelled at regularly in person and vilified constantly on CranfordTalk.

And they don’t have a lot of slack to work with.

So now they get the brunt of it from the municipal employees, their union reps, and the fist shakers with their own agendas.

No way am I jealous.

And for the next few years at least, it will be worse. A lot worse.