Although we’ve lived in Cranford for the past five years, I grew up outside of Philadelphia.

And in addition to going to a bunch of games at the crappy Vet, I often had the Phils on TV or the radio.  Back in the day, Harry Kalas and Rich Ashburn were the primary announcing team, and although they’d be less exciting than a lot of other announcers, they were distinctive, class acts and called the game correctly (unlike some announcers).

And when on the road during football season, when scanning the dial I’d stop and listen to the game called by Harry on Westwood One.

And today, a couple of days after receiving his 2008 World Series Ring, Harry died.

Yeah, he was 73. Yeah, he had a pretty good life. But it’s a loss in the way in that he was pretty good at what he did, and in another way that he was a fixture since I was a very little kid. (I don’t get worked up about many people who were fixtures when I was a kid. For example, another fellow broadcaster, Andy Musser, retired in 2001, and I didn’t notice he did until I googled him a couple minutes ago.)