Unless you’re this guy.

Last week I had some business in NYC and I drove in.  As I used to live there, I knew what I could and couldn’t do parking-wise and it wasn’t until I was on 11th Avenue heading back to the Lincoln Tunnel when it happened to me.

At 43rd and 11th, 11th is one way south. In the far left lane, as we were inching down to the tunnel entrance, a Cadillac Escalade was inexplicably stopped. I was stuck behind it. Since there was an open space in front, I didn’t know why the car was stopped. I didn’t honk. But I had nowhere to go.

I realized what was going on when the traffic officer came from the driver’s side of the Escalade and walked over to me.

“License please”.

“What for?”

“You’re blocking the box”.

Now mind you, 43rd and 11th is not a cross-hatched intersection. I have crept across it heading towards the Lincoln Tunnel for years. NEVER had I seen anyone stopped for blocking the box in that intersection.

Not until NYC had a huge budget gap, anyway.

You can guess what my reaction was. The cop ticketed the lady behind me too, even though there was a sufficient gap for cars to cross 11th Avenue behind her.

I understand what the motorist in the article was thinking. I totally empathize. Parking fines are a common way to boost government revenue. And when a totally bogus ticket is given to you, I thought it too.

The traffic cop gave me the ticket, and acted like he was doing me the greatest favor by making “only” a $115 parking fine.

But instead of running the traffic cop over, I am just going to fight the ticket. I think I’ll win.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone.