While nobody wants to see layoffs in police and fire because, God forbid, we lay someone off who actually does work, the Unions are intending to play hardball.

But that is a stupid short-term strategy. It is a common one, since unions think that “saving member’s jobs no matter what the effect to the organization” is what matters.

First, the tax situation in Cranford is going to get worse. As incomes of small business decreases or gets hidden due to the higher federal taxes, and as the last few manufacturers in town close, there will simply be a smaller base to work from (see Maplewood).

Second, the arbitrary state-mandated spending cap increase (which will be laughable as inflation hits, which will be soon) will make each year even tougher as the public employee pension obligations balloon.

So again, the Town Council is placed in an uncomfortable situation that is not of their own making. And the unions alienate just about everybody. (I’ve already been pre-alienated, so I don’t count).

Good luck.