It’s because he’s trying to keep the unions from going completely broke.

I didn’t know this, but some of the biggies are in some serious financial trouble.

So getting GM is perceived as a win, (we’ll see) and Card Check is huge for them, perhaps a Hail Mary.

I’m amazed at how this could happen. Unions suck up money from members and should be able to maintain minimal overhead (which of course they don’t). But is a lot of the money is used for corrupt purposes? We can allege that, but I for one thought that corrupt purposes are usually profitable. Why engage in them otherwise?

Yes, their spending goes up in election cycles, but the article points out that they are a lot less healthy than in 2000.

I have long thought that the day of the union is past in this country. There are pockets where unionizing can make sense, like in a rural area where the locals have few other employment options. But otherwise, in a competitive labor market and with government employment regulations, what need is there for the union from an employee’s perspective? Get them crazily overpaid for a short while until the plant is moved to China or the company is bankrupt?

Yup. And some new blood is needed to replace what has been lost.