This could actually be good news. With GM’s bankruptcy, it’s pretty clear that they want Hyatt Hills off of their books (especially the environmental liability of it all). And they’d probably forget that we owe them money.

(Note: The reason why it’s a golf course and not something else is that with the buried toxins, paving it or letting people live there is not considered a good idea. Since people are on gold courses for a limited number of hours each year, the amount of exposure is considered acceptable. Also, since there are no heavy buildings on it, the waste will stay put as opposed to getting “squeezed out”. More here, and here.)

In fact, there’s an article about them wanting to dump it on some poor unsuspecting moronic slob.

Hello, Union County?

P. S. Am I the only one thinking that if/when the US Gypsum plant closes in Clark (which I can’t imagine is cost-effective to keep open) that it would make a great back nine? Just a little golf cart bridge over Raritan Road…