So after 25 years, Camden is finally reversing one of its facepalm inducing decisions: They’re going to tear down the 25 year old prison that was built on what could be prime downtown waterfront property.

Never mind that the prison is one of the newest and most state-of-the-art in the state. And now supposedly all of a sudden we have fewer inmates statewide so the population can be absorbed elsewhere.

We were actually in Camden earlier this year to see a show at the Susquehanna Center. Losing the prison will help, but boy, do they have a way to go. The downtown portion that we saw is currently a neat mix of derelict buildings, vacant lots, and a hospital and I don’t think it could be more deserted.

(BTW: My mom is out of the hospital and starts chemo today. So it’s a little bit of getting back to normal for now.)