Hmm. It’s finally summer, I’m swamped with projects, and nothing lately is catching my eye worth commenting on…

The Beer Summit? Please. Too pathetic to note.

The NJ corruption busts? It could only be better if they happened in mid-October if you’re Chris Christie.

This time of year Cranford has emptied out to LBI. The FOR RENT signs at Applegate Farms and next to the Gift Basket store fade under the bright sunlight.  Dan Aschenbach is writing barely coherent treatises saying nothing is his fault. Nor has it been, except maybe for that one time, and it was bipartisan fault. I think. I get about two lines in and the letters become lines and circles and I don’t care anymore.

So, while we navel gaze, complain about contractor’s Sunday start times (forgetting that we are having the rainiest summer in years), and complain about developments that will likely never be built….

Enjoy Summer.