It’s come to this?

Dissent from the “Health Care Reform Act” is so dangerous that anyone can send anything “fishy” to

On how many levels is this offensive?

Let’s see.

1. Is it an effort to stifle free speech? Even if somewhat unintentional, you bet. I had pause before posting about it. I don’t want to get audited or something. (Update: In December 2009 I WAS Audited…how about that?) I don’t want my tax refunds getting “lost”. But then, I figured, I’m in NJ, how could they make me more miserable?

2. Don’t they have anything better to do at the White House that sift through 800 million emails from crackpots thinking that their neighbor’s dog is a closet libertarian tea partier?

3. So let’s say you send them something “fishy”…what will happen next? Will the person writing the “fishy” content be visited by the FBI? Acorn? contact information published on a “harassment” list? What are, if any consequences? It is most likely there will be none, but this feels different.Why would such a great American institution like the White House want to rebut let alone care at all about a blog post by some moron who doesn’t have the sense to get the hell out of NJ? It doesn’t make sense.

4. What is “fishy” anyway? I haven’t read the bill, heck, Congress hasn’t either.

Is saying that Keynesian economics are woefully flawed and that by looking at past government performance we should apply similar assumptions to any new program in gauging the chance of success fishy?

Nobody knows what will happen. I watched the primetime presser a couple weeks back and was not informed about anything in any meaningful way (other than Obama’s thinking about Cambridge, MA authorities).  Right now is like the old Twilight Zone episode where a neighborhood goes into a sudden blackout and the townspeoples’ imaginations run wild with disastrous results. The White House could change that and provide a clear outline of how things would work. Instead, their communications director is taking this tack. Why?

So, by linking the above without an accompanying blog post saying how great everything will be with single payer healthcare, I’m essentially flagged through the trackback. So if they know who I am, which wouldn’t be hard through my IP and login records, I will likely be listed in a “dissident” database. Which it turns out may be kept secret for 10 years (no FOIA access) and can be used for a multitude of nefarious little plans. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but this is creeping me out. It’s amazingly un-presidential.

If their agenda can’t stand on its own and they have to resort to tactics like this, then even the most ardent supporters should think about whether or not this is the right thing to be behind.