Just what we need, some idiot giving the town desperate for revenue a moneymaking idea by suggesting that people obtain permits in order to have garage sales.


Since 155 Hillcrest is allegedly in permanent yard-sale mode, anxious neighbors are concerned about the lighted landscape, pooling of standing water on tarps (!) and the potential infestation of earlybirds.

Yet another instance of people not using the tools available to them. (“It would be such an unfortunate accident if the wind blew all of the rocks off your tarp and it blows away leaving everything to get soaked in the next storm, wouldn’t it?”)  Not recommending that, but there are non-permitty options, people.

If they’re scofflaws, think they’d be getting a permit? Hmmm. Like the NYC gun laws, the people that are the intended target of the law don’t follow the law (surprise!) and walk around robbing unarmed people who do.

Solving the problem with permits is like having people fill out a two page entrance questionnaire every time they want to pick up their dry cleaning. Creates more problem than it solves.

For example, it would mean that if you want to have a garage sale, in addition to:

– cleaning out your attic,
– looking up how much comparable stuff costs on eBay and Craigslist,
– tagging them with prices,
– staging the stuff in your living room so you know what will stay and what will go,
– loading all of it onto your driveway,
– sitting next to it for hours either getting horribly sunburned or horribly wet,
– and then lugging all of the remaining junk back in,

you’d have to take an afternoon off of work weeks in advance, go to the municipal building, fill out the application (which could be rejected, mind you), pay a fee, and wait to be approved.

Are you people nuts?

With a gabillion laws on the books, more than a few could be wrangled to scare the bejesus out of the offending neighbor.  Here’s the town code: http://www.ecode360.com/?custId=CR1142 Get creative!

Know what else could scare the bejesus out of them? Threaten to sue ’em. It’s the American way.