Heath Reform fun as Obama likens government healthcare to the Post Office. (In talking about public option vs private insurers co-existing, he said that “UPS and FedEx are doing fine…It’s the Post Office that has all the problems”). Fun ways to interpret that silly metaphor – he meant to point out that private health insurance will survive (debatable) and ends up pointing out that the public option will be the one with all of the problems and inability to remain solvent. Nice job. You’re trying to sell this, Mr. President, remember?

This article in the McPaper notes it, and has a fun sidebar where it points out where some of the things Obama is saying are not really true.

So let’s compare UPS (since we have a UPS Store locally) and the USPS. We’re a little spoiled here in Cranford in that our Post Office is actually one of the best I’ve ever been to. The clerks are, with a couple of very minor exceptions, friendly, efficient and, dare I say, lucid (in some post offices, that is actually a problem – especially in NYC).

Opening hours.  – Edge to UPS Store at 8:30 -6:30. I can’t tell you how many times when checking my box at the post office in the morning I see people come in to find the gates down at the counters and get huffy.

Lines. – Edge to UPS Store. Rarely a line at UPS. Granted, they don’t provide blank labels anymore so you don’t have a bunch of people sitting there writing, but the USPS often has a line.

Prices. – Edge to USPS. But UPS will let you print labels and you don’t pay until they scan the package in when you drop it off.

Reliability. – Edge to UPS. The only time something didn’t get there, it was theft by the recipient (eBay sleazebag). It has better tracking too. Also, I had a Priority Mail envelope with delivery confirmation disappear for eight weeks. It was delivered, but we never learned what happened.

Staff. Since we have a good post office, I’ll say draw. But most places it would be UPS. The girls at the UPS Store have been fine as well.

But like USPS’ Automated Postal Center, which many of us have had to learn how to use since we can’t wait until 10:00 to get to the counter, will there be an Automated Prescription Center with public health care where you swipe you card and can get some pills when the office is closed? (Not that it would be abused, or anything.)

So think about two doctor’s offices, One was like UPS and one was like USPS. Which would you pick?

Thank you, President Obama, for making it clearer to me the choice before us.