As I have posted previously, I grew up a Philadephia Eagles fan, which was tough, yet between Jets and Giants I favor the Giants.

But I still get pangs over stuff Philadelphia does.

Like sign Michael Vick.

A few reasons I don’t like it:

1. I don’t think he will be that good. I”m pleased to read that he will be some sort of random back that may run, may receive or rarely throw. But I’m not jazzed if he is the replacement for McNabb when McNabb goes down with his inevitable season-ending injury. He’s been out for two years, he’s older, and I had doubts about him when he played for Atlanta about him being overrated.

2. He’s a distraction. Lots of ink, lots of dopey ESPN analysis, and lots of “I’m sorry I was an inhumane jerk”. Eagles were going to be decent this year without him.

3. He’s paid his debt, but does that mean that we have to put up with someone who’s done some really repellent things? Yes, he did serve his time. Yes, he should be able to get a job and what he is most experienced at is playing football.But his offense does speak to his character and his attitude towards the world and creatures around him.  Will that be a positive presence in the locker room?

In any event, he has his second chance. I hope he makes the most of it.