Since Cranford schools are not in session until Thursday, will we have a “tape delay” of his big address to school kids?

While I’m not enthused about it or as creeped out about it as some people are, I looked at the accompanying materials…and they are…awful.

Like excruciatingly awful. Head down on the desk awful. Eye rolling awful. Kids looking at each other and shrugging while their teacher blathers on awful. Longest two hours of their lives awful.

Boring, general, happy talk – like make a poster saying “I will learn a lot this year!” awful.

What will they really find out? Most likely that the President is boring, how much of a leftist their teacher really is, and that the White House / Dept of Education have no clue on how to make something interesting. (Pedagogically, I think this is a trainwreck.) I think the indoctrination potential on the one side, and the motivation potential on the other are both pretty small.