Dear Mr. Cashman:

Thank you for providing an entertaining Yankee season. I have one quibble, however.

As the games have been of better quality than in recent years, I have found myself listening to more of them on the radio as I am often traveling.

And I have reached the breaking point. I can tolerate the forgetting of details. The repetition of basic stats. The Boston accent of the “color” analyst.

But I draw the line at “Swishalicious”. I’m finding that just too disturbing.

Why is it that the team with the best record in baseball has a broadcast team that can look up at the quality of the Toledo Mud Hens crew and be envious?

I even think I could do no worse. That’s saying something.

I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.


Cranford Pundit

UPDATE: And send our congrats to Jeter on his all-time hits thingy and for being the one Yankee my wife recognizes even when his name is not at the bottom of the screen.