What I don’t understand that if there is gajillions in waste, fraud and abuse in the Medicare/Medicaid system that can be wrung out to help pay for this big new plan, what exactly was holding them back from enacting this oh, say, 15 years ago? Wouldn’t we have a much better deficit picture now? But now, we’re supposed to believe they’re reaaallly serious.

Another thing, if you are forced to buy your own health insurance, but can’t afford it, you’ll get a tax credit. But if you don’t have enough cash to buy insurance, you probably ain’t paying a lot in taxes to make the use of a credit.

There were other head scratchers, and overall, I’m not on board and I’m pretty sure that if this plan were in place, I wouldn’t be looking forward to visiting my mom.

There’s too many illogical things working against each other here. If you want to solve the “uninsured problem”, it’s easy to do by expanding eligibility criteria for Medicaid and S-Chip (which I thought they already done), enact mean laws that ruin the insurance companies’ day and be on with it.

The fact that this speech was given at all hints to a much bigger issue here: their proposed solution is too big, too complicated and a really bad idea.

A much more comprehensive and well-thought out review is here and definitely worth a read.