So the annual Gotti-esque* festival paid with our tax dollars that is called MusicFest is now being set up on what should be a golf course in Clark.

Nevermind that for the past 36 hours we’ve had soaking rains and more are expected for Saturday.

Maybe out of protest that they moved it from Nomahegan. Maybe out of protest that they shouldn’t have scrapped the Oak Ridge Golf Course so unilaterally.

Maybe out of protest that the Freeholders waste gobs of money on unaccountable things (including burying what must cost a million in fencing and lighting rentals, police overtime, and on maintaining that ridiculous Freeholder RV telling us how connected we are and all the other sundries that were needed to pull this off).

Maybe it’s just because I don’t want to sit in a mud puddle for seven hours.

We’re not going.

Now what may be my only chance in my whole life to see the 1910 Fruitgum Company will be gone. Sniff.

* Back in the day, John Gotti would sponsor lavish fireworks and fetes for the neighborhood to build goodwill and keep them quiet about “udder t’ings” that went on.