In the “How the heck is THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?” dept…

School District discussions are going on with PTA’s about a proposed bond issue for about $12 million in more debt (paid with our future tax payments) and $8 million from the insolvent state to re-roof the eight schools in Cranford.

So while it is obviously more than three guys, some tar and some squeegees up there to fix these roofs, one has to wonder: how could each roof average $2.2 million? Even Deegan on it’s most evil bids is less than $20k for a decent sized house.

Well, since there’s state money involved, the contractor has to pay prevailing union wages and comply with the myriad of requirements in dealing with the state. I gather that the chance of a non-union firm getting a chance to bid is about zero. I wonder if they went without the state money, could they get bids below $12 million in total?

But I have a question: None of the elementary schools are even that old. Why would they need new roofs? (Lincoln and the High School, being older, are more logical). What happened with the maintenance funds for the newer schools? Were the roofs patched or maintained?

Or not?

All I know is, paying back $12 million over 10 years is going to set each household back about at least $2,000 in extra taxes.