So Corzine is not just bankrolling his own campaign, but just about everybody else’s. And he’s buying endorsements too.

Wait a minute, you say? What kind of proof do I have?


Because he won’t tell us who he donated to until after the election. That’s nice and transparent for you.

So here’s my suggestion for all of the people who got money from him. Since they can’t find out you got cash from Jonny until after the election, here’s your big chance to show your ethical chops and your political independence!

Rescind your endorsement and endorse Christie or Daggett.

Call a presser. Write it up. Change your homepage.

Corzine won’t have the guts to ask for a refund. And if he wins, he’ll still need you – he can’t make everybody live in the wilderness.

I haven’t felt this strongly about something since I advocated canals in the Cranford Riverfront development.

G’wan, DO IT! It’ll be HILARIOUS!

You know you wanna.