My mom has been undergoing chemotherapy for the past few months for ovarian cancer. Although the cancer was very advanced when they diagnosed it,  she had been making some improvement in blood work results, but she still had a long way to go to get her energy back.

Until this week. The tumor has started growing again.

I feel badly. The poor lady has been absolutely miserable for the past several months. Completely obliterated by the cancer and the chemo, she has been essentially an invalid who has suffered through sleepless nights, discomfort and sometimes outright agonizing pain as they have worked on keeping the promise of one or two “good” years.

And I too have been selfish in keeping up the “keep fighting” pep talks.

This really sucks.

So, if she decides to go for a different chemo, we may see some improvement, but there is a chance she will opt to stop and go to hospice. She has to do what is best for her, and her quality of life these past couple of months has been about equal to that of a third-world prisoner. If it were me I would be torn.

Again, this really sucks. She deserved better.

I love you Mom, whatever you decide to do.