So 68% of Jerseyans think that government programs should be cut in lieu of taxes being raised.

Good for them for seeing the problem.

The question is how Giuliani-esque will Chris Christie be? How bold will he be? Corzine will go down as one of the most timid governors ever. Christie has a chance to strike a very bold contrast very quickly. But what can he realistically achieve?

Will he renegotiate the union contracts?

Will he continue his anti-corruption tear through the NJ Attorney General that he appoints?

Will he be able to start the long-needed thinning of staff in Trenton?

Will he stand strong despite a relentless media that will be “outraged” over every layoff and highlighting the “good works” done by a program (even though those “good works” were also done in three other departments and for a ton of money in each)?

NJ is like a runaway supertanker towards the abyss. Can he change the course?

We’ll see. But at least there is a chance of him doing something, whereas with Corzine, there was none.