Why is it that we need to replace all eight roofs and HVAC in each school now?

What happened to all those preventative maintenance tasks over the past 20 years that should have been completed that could have extended the lives of the roofs?

Why does each household need to pay about a hundred bucks a year for a wildly expensive project that for some buildings may not be needed?

What happens when there are the inevitable cost overruns? Will we each need to pay $120 a year?

This will pass, but it shouldn’t. And with precious little snowflakes in the system the “you’re not a concerned parent” line will not work on me.

I don’t think the Board of Ed, Superintendent and Facilities people are thinking about how the right job could be done at the right price. They saw the state money there and want to lap it up as does the thirsty contractors who would like the work.

Enough. This should have been addressed in annual maintenance and budgeted for over the past 20 years.

Fire some administrators and you’ll get the money for the roofs pretty quick.

I’m voting no. So when this nonsense passes 1,500 to 1, you will know who the one is.