Here’s some predictions for 2010.

* No big changes on the Cranford TC – it will remain 4-1.

* Progress on Riverfront development – 0%

* Property taxes will go up (shocker). A few meaningful cuts may be made on the township level, but the county rolls on, ignoring reality. Christie will make some cuts, but will not cut property taxes in ’10 so as  to build up the state coffers.

* Board of Ed budget process gets tough this year after the latest bond issue and a petition starts to have the budget voted on election day.

* There will be few high profile prosecutions by the Christie administration, but there will be more breaking stories of corruption.

* Xanadu will , then will not, then will, then will not open in 2010.

* Jimmy Hoffa will not be found in Giants Stadium.

* MusicFest will be rained out again and will be payback for bulldozing the golf course.

* Despite inflation fears, NJ home prices will continue to slide as incomes cannot handle the prices.

* After exhaustive scouting for locations, the only choice for a skate park in town is identified as under the Garden State Parkway. With shelter from rain and snow, the ramps are built and it opens, and on the second day a youth gets a head injury when speeding up the ramp, doing a trick and banging his head on the underpass. It closes for good five days later.