With it looking like college football coaches getting the treatment that teachers and police officers got long ago (no touching, no criticizing, no locking the kid in a closet for hours…) college football coaches are being let go at an increasing rate (remember, back in the day, Woody Hayes got let go only because he slugged a member of the opposing team, and with about two million or so witnesses).

If these floodgates open, how many scrubs and second-stringers will come out of the woodwork with allegations that the coach said they “played like a sissy” or were pushed against lockers in full pads during halftime for causing a stupid penalty?

Are we down the slippery slope towards “two-hand touch”?

Anyway, think about who is benefiting from this. Think about the Big East…with the Cincinnati coach gone, Louisville rebuilding, USF coach now gone…

Does Greg Schiano have a master plan? Does he realize that the path to the Big East championship is not by beating good teams but having them be debilitated in the off-season?

WVU and Pitt coaches should watch their backs.