When I used to work in NYC, I would be peeved one day annually when Newark Penn was a zoo with security, rope barriers, and people in fancy dress blocking access to tracks  and complicating that sprint from wherever the Raritan Valley train dropped us off to Track 1.

It was the annual Chamber of Commerce trip to Washington, which seems was one of Corzine’s favorite tasks as governor.

Christie is not going. I think that’s awesome.

Because the NJ Chamber of Commerce, the morons who sponsor this train extravaganza, has no business calling themselves the NJ Chamber of Commerce.

Why? How’s about support for the insane Corzine Toll Plan? How about that they didn’t even give any significant “Hey, wait a minute!” responses to Corzine’s tax increases and the like?

What businesses are these guys in?

Let ’em cool their heels. Give them a while to think about what they are supposed to be about. Let them make nice. If Christie does what he says he will do, NJ businesses that don’t rely on government largess will be grateful and they’ll be pals in no time.