Seems that the blogmaster of Garwood 365 said some nice things about us, which we appreciate. It’s possible it’s legitimate sentiment, or maybe guilt as a result of pilfering a recent photo on this blog.

Regardless, we’ll take any praise and run with it.

Garwood 365 is one of those very positive pro-community blogs and worth a read.

Positive, community-oriented blogs are great.  I think Garwood is somewhat misunderstood. It’s undersized, over-policed, and is evolving. And it could probably use some additional self-esteem. (What havoc has Westfield wreaked on Garwood and Cranford? It’s like they’re the gorgeous older sibling that gets all the attention or something.)

This blog would more like one of those pro-community blogs  if I had time to pal around more at Kilkenny House (being liquored up never hurts), wasn’t swamped with work, and if I wasn’t weighed down with my jaded cynicism, but hey, can’t have everything.

So welcome, Garwoodians. Feel free to poke around. There’s a little bit of Cranford dirt here and there, and some of the older posts are good.