Well, that headline is a bit harsh.

Here’s the thing. The Cranford Board of Ed is a rubber stamp. The budget approval process is a joke. The school system wants for nothing as they know the parents want strong schools and a good educational experience for their children. The teachers make a nice living, have great benefits, and most of them can’t be fired even if we wanted to do so.

So tell me how we’re being so unfair? Show me somebody in the private sector that got 4.5% raises every year since 2007.

Not in my house. Not in my neighbors’ houses. (Except the neighbors who are teachers, that is.)

When does making sure we have enough resources to cover the needs for the educational experience of my child cross the line over to becoming an extortionist shakedown? “Give us what we want or we make them watch videos all day!”


Here’s the little secret about what drives the quality of Cranford schools: THEY ARE FULL OF SMART CHILDREN WITH ENGAGED PARENTS.

That, 10 times more than ANYTHING else, ladies and gentlemen, gives you a good school system.

Yes, there are talented teachers, and good teachers who want to be in an environment that is not focused on basic discipline and preventing violence all day long will enjoy teaching in Cranford.

But do you actually think that there are zero good teachers in Linden or Elizabeth? And is that the reason why those schools don’t place higher in the rankings?

Teachers make a difference. But teachers are not THE difference.

Don’t get me wrong. There are some awesome teachers in Cranford.

But guess what, there are some crappy ones too.

As long as the crappy ones get 4.5 % annual raises, I’m not for this. Actually, only the best of the best should see raises like that.

With the schools being a monstrous portion of the budget, and the administrators and faculty are in an alternative reality about the economic situation we’re in.

The money isn’t there anymore. Actually, it wasn’t really all there in the first place.

The Cranford teachers need a serious wake-up call.