Public Employee Unions, themselves created by an Executive Order by John F. Kennedy are upset that NJ Gov Christie signed an Executive Order holding them to the same standard as corporations or other business entities with regard to campaign contributions.

And now they’re suing, according to this poorly written article in the StarLedger. (Poorly in that it doesn’t really describe the suit, meanders on topics and gives no link to the actual filing so I could figure out what was going on.) Is it because the unions believe that it is a violation of Free Speech Rights (which is referred to in the headline, or is it only on the separation of powers issue…I dunno.)

I guess trying to kill the Executive Order is because they think they have a better shot getting that shot down in the Democrat legislature (which they would), and they obviously lose a lot of their reason for being if they have to abide by any sort of rules regarding their support for Democrats.

Therefore, I like this Executive Order much better than President Kennedy’s, which I have mentioned before a lot of the public union issues bubbled up, was one of the worst actions taken by the US in the past 50 years.