A couple things….

1. Watching NBC’s coverage made me feel like a kid – swap out Bob Costas for Jim McKay saying “up close and personal” every few minutes and it could have been Innsbruck in ’76.

The coverage to me seemed like it was aimed at internet-phobic people in their 60’s and older, with explanations of sports, tape-delayed coverage and feel-good stories.

2. I’ve skied at Whistler and Blackcomb, and they are nice mountains if you spend a week. That’s because you will get at least a couple of foggy days which inspire you to take a break.  In these Games the mountains definitely lived up to their reputation as being foggy. Not the best Olympic mountain and it showed.

3. Having exposed metal studs on the Luge run was unforgivable.  It is common for crashes to happen coming out of a turn too high and T-boning yourself into the inside wall of the next straightway. I know. I did the luge run at Lake Placid as a tourist and I crashed the same way but, thankfully for me, with no bad results. Going 1/4 the speed helps.  (It seems you can still do it – it is a riot and I highly recommend it despite the cost.)

4. I would imagine that the next Olympics will be much more on demand, where you you pick and choose your sports as opposed to the rigid network TV structure that is looking for dramatic stories and over-emphasizes the home team as opposed to great performances.

It probably will be the last of the “Jim McKay” style Olympics.