So NJ Transit has come out with their proposed service cuts. And of course the orange-headed stepchild that is the Raritan Valley line arguably gets it the worst.

Raritan Valley Line

  • The following trains would be discontinued:
    • Weekday train 5724 (7:19 a.m. departure from High Bridge)
    • Weekday train 5903 (4:55 p.m. departure from Newark Penn)
  • Approximately 900 customers impacted.

900 people affected…that’s not bad?

Consider now that there is no train leaving Newark Penn to these parts between 4:30 and 5:13 – the beginning of the evening rush.

Consider that we also lose a peak train in the morning. Granted, the 8:24 is not earth-shaking, but it got you in before 9:30.

Consider now that other lines have been affected to the following levels:

Pascack Valley – 330 affected.

Atlantic City – 100 weekday customers affected

Main Line/ Bergen – 400 affected

Morris and Essex (a much bigger line) – 1000 affected.

Jersey Coast (a much bigger line) – 1000 but no trains affected leaving NY at rush hour.

Montclair-Boonton – a whole 150 affected!

Northeast Corridor – a much, much, bigger line, with 1 train from NYC eliminated at evening rush – 2700 affected.

Sound fair to you?