I would have loved to have been able to do some “person on the streets” interviews for the high school protests where dozens of kids ditched class and went outside and yelled until the reporters went home.

I imagine that I would have gotten some choice quotes such as:

“Like, um, an education is important and stuff, so like, um, we’re here because we want, like, a good education and stuff, and um, if there are, like, some budget cuts, we, like won’t be able to learn anything.”

Or something like:

“Well, my teacher was saying that Chris Christie is really the Anti-Christie, which I don’t really know what that means, but she said that we could do our part to fight the power or something.”

If you had take a poll, I would imagine that the breakdown would have been something like this:

Yeah, I understand that this post undercuts some of the reasons that bloggers = journalists. But the work I put into this post with the nifty chart and all was about the same amount that a journalist would have done. And equal amounts of research and sourcing.